Kingston JMP 505 - Premier Digital Console
Part of our new lineup of digital Pianos
Kingston JMP 705 - Premier Digital Ensemble
Part of our new lineup of digital Pianos
The JMP 505 is our Digital Console Piano. Designed for the
individual who wants a great piano without all the extra bells
and whistles on a digital piano. The 505 features a standard
set of sounds including our premier custom piano sample as
well as other popular sounds including electric piano,
harpsichord and strings. As well a an excellent set of sounds.
The 505 comes with a premium weighted and touch graded
action. And to finish it all off we offer the 505 in either a hand
rubbed stain cherry or high gloss ebony finish. Every 505
comes standard with a bench and more.
The JMP705 is our premier Digital Ensemble. You may be
wondering what the word “ensemble” means. Ensemble in
the world of digital pianos means that in addition to a great
piano, you also have the ability to access hundreds of sounds,
rhythms, multi-track recording.  The 705 also. Includes full
Midi and USB support.  And like the 505 we offer two great
cabinet choices. One being a hand rubbed satin cherry finish
or high gloss ebony and comes with a gorgeous designer
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JMP505 - Digital Console

JMP 705 - Digital Ensemble

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Kingston, a part of the Kaysound group has been
offering quality musical products for over 50 years.
Our newest line of digital pianos offers you un
paralleled value and quality.
All backed by a two year warranty